Real Estate Law

Real Estate transactions can be rewarding, challenging, and exhilarating all at the same time.Every real estate project represents a significant investment.For sellers the transaction may represent the capstone achievement after years of work and investment.For buyers the transaction may represent a turning point in their business or personal life.We have represented both buyers and sellers in millions of dollars of transactions including commercial leases, development of commercial property, sales of residential property, and assistance with due diligence.

Purchase Agreement

The beginning of any real estate transaction is the purchase agreement.  We have extensive experience negotiating purchase agreements with both businesses and individuals.  We will help you understand the risks and rewards associated with your agreement.  We will help you understand the due diligence necessary to get your deal to closing.  And we will help with extensions, modifications, and amendments that become necessary throughout the due diligence process.  We know that any real estate transaction you are working on is important to you; our job is to help you meet your goal yet stay protected along the way.

Lease Agreements

Not every real estate transaction is a purchase.  We have negotiated commercial leases in numerous states with commercial investors, local businesses, and individuals.  The lease will dictate the terms of your business relationship for potentially many years to come.  We will work to help you negotiate a lease that provides both stability for your business and flexibility to deal with unforeseen circumstances.  Ultimately your lease needs to meet the business goals of the parties.  We will work closely with you to understand what type of lease will best suit your needs.

Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence

Commercial real estate transactions have their own unique set of complexities.  Many times a buyer of commercial real estate will need to survey the subject property (perhaps obtaining an ALTA survey), obtain a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, and in some cases even a Phase II as well.  It’s also important to ensure applicable zoning ordinances or overlay disctricts fit the buyer’s intended use.  We love real estate work and are happy to help you navigate the interlocking aspects of federal regulations, state law, and local ordinances that each have an impact on your transaction.

Coordination with Architects, Engineers, and Other Professionals

Real Estate developments, transactions, and investments require professionals from multiple disciplines.  The budgetary costs for a potential building project will often begin with reports obtained from geotechnical engineers.  The geotechnical engineers typically need to coordinate with surveyors to understand the scope of the project.  Architects and civil engineers inform the surveyor about size of the project, the type of construction, and the sitework necessary for approval from appropriate authorities.  At the same time environmental specialists are rendering opinions as to the possible presence recognized environmental conditions.  Each of these professionals, experts in their own right, have to coordinate with the transacting parties to make the deal work.  We can help you coordinate your transaction with each of the disciplines to arrive at your goal.